After serving this nation, many veterans find themselves in need of psychological help to overcome the invisible scars of war. Your gift will enable a veteran to attend an intense peer-based program that focuses on overcoming past traumatic experiences and move forward into a life of purpose.

Your gift will provide assistance to missionaries traveling abroad as they go and share the message of hope through endeavors such as medical/dental clinics, construction projects, disaster relief, and evangelism.


The warrior is made up of mind, body, and spirit. A gift to the PTSD Project will give a veteran an opportunity to attend our life changing 3-phase program that that takes a holistic approach. The Project is systematic and focuses on each human component. It puts the warrior on a path of wellness and provides the greatest opportunity to recover.

The damage war inflicts upon the body can be astounding. Many veterans need specialized medical services and treatments that are beyond the skillset of general physicians. A gift to physical rehab will give a veteran up up to 4 weeks of top-notch specialized medical support and training that puts the warrior on the road to recovery.