SOF Missions is a Christian, non-profit; veteran ran organization that would like to partner with local churches, non-profits and other organizations. We are offering our film, Surrender Only to ONE as an evangelical tool and way to increase awareness and engage people to serve Veterans and active duty military. We are confident it will make an extraordinary impact as it has for over 25K people across the nation already.

Here is how the movie screening works.
1. Fill out this form today (link to form).
2. We will then provide a link to show the film. If that will not work for your situation we will supply an alternative method to get the film to you.
3. Host a movie night. The movie is about 60 Minutes, so you might plan some other activities, or make it part of a mid-week, Friday, Saturday or Sunday night service.
4. We ask that you take an offering at the movie screening and share 50% of that with our non-profit ministry. The other 50% is yours to use for your ministry, to cover the cost of popcorn, or whatever you need.

The movie is truly free; no one is obligated to give anything. Our goal is to show this film to as many people as possible and create awareness of the film’s important message. Our desire is to be reminded of what our soldiers go through, how hard life can be after their experiences, and how without help, many lose hope which leads to self-destruction (addiction, suicide, etc.).

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