What is a SOF TEAM?

A SOF Missions SOF TEAM is the central node where warriors and those who support them gather, train, and learn more about God and our ultimate purpose.  Each SOF TEAM is led by a Team Leader; someone who is willing to lead and connect with others, learn through God’s word, and serve Him through missions. SOF Missions encourages SOF TEAM’S to also have an Assistant Team Leader to share the responsibility and tasks of the team.

SOF TEAM’S meet together weekly to build personal relationships. We encourage members to reach out, connect with others, and invite them to join the SOF TEAM.

How Do I Start a SOF TEAM?

Starting a SOF TEAM is easy.  To get started, please log in or register for an account.  Click below to be directed to the login/register page. Once your SOF TEAM has been created you will be able to customize your SOF TEAM page and invite members.

How Can I Join a SOF TEAM?

On the map below is a list of all the SOF TEAMS, some public, others private.  For the public groups, you can request access to join by clicking on the link within the SOF TEAM map description.

Check out our tools that can be used in SOF TEAMS!